Our Story

Daryl Hudec

It all started when our company founder, Daryl M. Hudec, created his recipe to fill the need for a low glycemic snack or meal replacement. Low glycemic foods help avoid sugar spikes, something that usually occurs when food contains refined ingredients and sweeteners. Daryl's Hi-N-R-G Bars contain all natural ingredients and are sweetened by natural sweeteners such as molasses and honey.

Starting as a small bakery and eventually growing into a factory operation, Daryl's Hi-N-R-G Bars are distributed throughout southern Ontario, Western Canada and within the Mid-Western United States. The original Daryl's Hi-N-R-G Bar has expanded into three other lines of product since inception: protein bars, cereals, and elite bars.

Our goals revolve around always meeting the needs of our customers both current and future and providing a natural, delicious array of products that will always be clean - no additives, preservatives, or man-made sweeteners. We are very proud of our popular product categories and look forward to continuing our focus of satisfying the national market with wholesome nutritional snacks that most importantly taste great!