Our amazing customers love our products, whether they are training for a triathlon, preparing to score their next goal at the game, or simply a parent looking to maintain their health. Take a look at what some of our customers have sent us.

Shannon Falconer

Courtesy Bicycles Racing Team

I am an athlete of many sports and have been fairly successful throughout my endeavours. Recently I have been focusing on Mountain Bike racing throughout Ontario in 2006 with great success. This year I am focusing on Ironman Triathlon Lake Placid New York also Muskoka Huntsville Long Course Triathlon as a Qualifier to enter the Ironman.

Daryl's congratulates Shannon Falconer on finishing 19th out of over 19,000 participants on the Detroit Free Press/Flagstar Marathon.

When I am training I look for healthy alternatives to promote my fitness and excel in the training that leads up to my races and in doing so was introduced to Daryl's Bars 4 years ago. Since then I have enjoyed using them to promote my physical fitness and give myself good combinations of carbohydrates/protein/fat intake. I have always had a sweet tooth and this gives me also a healthy alternative to desert after meals without feeling guilty.

Recently I have incorporated Daryl's Bee Pollen into my Vitamin regimen every morning and feel it is contributing to my health. I continue to use these products and will reach my goals this year with the help of them.

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Kerry Weiland

Member of Team USA Women's Ice Hockey Team

Dear Daryl, Thank for providing me with your delicious Hi-N-R-G bars and honey as I prepared for 2010 Olympic Winter Games. I am a proud 2010 U.S. Olympic Silver Medalist, that competed with pride and celebration at the 2010 Winter Olympic Games in Vancouver, B.C. Canada.

The bars were delicious, just sweet enough and gave me lasting energy. I ate my bars 3 ways - as a pre-workout snack, in between periods, and even during off-ice workouts.

Daryl's All Natural HI-N-R-G Bars have been a fantastic addition to my training and recovery program.

I strive to follow a clean diet and these energy bars meet all my requirements. Thank you for supporting my dream!
Kerry Weiland

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Jeff Johnson

Certified Personal Trainer and #33 Toronto Argonauts

I choose Daryl's Hi-N-R-G Bars as the perfect recovery snack after practice.

As a 9-year football player for the Toronto Argonauts and a Certified Personal Trainer, I highly recommend the bars to my teammates and clients.

My favourite bar is the "Elite Protein" bar!

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Kelly Johnson

Personal Trainer and Certified Yoga Instructor

As a Certified Yoga Instructor, Personal Trainer and new mom I can truly say that Daryl's Hi-N-R-G Bars have become an everyday nutritional MUST! Trying to balance a busy schedule with a healthy lifestyle is greatly improved with a nutritious recovery snack.

I TRULY recommend these bars to athletes, fitness enthusiasts and also pregnant or nursing mothers. My favourite personal choice is the "Chocolate Protein" bar.

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Richelle Morgan

Personal Trainer and Owner / Founder of Bodysculpt Bootcamp Richelle Morgan Personal Trainer

I am constantly searching for healthy snacks for my clients and myself. Recently I launched a 30 Day Wellness Challenge in my Bodysculpt Bootcamp classes to help promote healthy living and inspire everyone to take steps towards achieving that goal. A big part of this is making healthier choices when it comes to food, so I went in search of a bar that I could confidently recommend to my clients as a great post-workout or mid-afternoon snack. I had heard about Daryl's bars and contacted him with regards to my challenge. He kindly sent me a wonderful supply of samples and I was overwhelmed with how delicious they are. After passing out sample in classes, the response was amazing...everyone LOVED them!

To be able to recommend a bar that is not only packed with nutritious ingredients, but tastes great has made my job a lot easier as my search for the perfect bar is now over. Daryl's bars provide a great balance of everything you need to help keep you fueled & satisfied throughout the day. Thank you, Daryl, for creating such a terrific product and for inspiring me in my own wellness challenge.

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Andy Pidhoresky

Personal Trainer, Mr. Windsor 1960, 1995

I started bodybuilding in 1955 when it was extremely unfashionable, and I entered and won my first contest, Mr. Windsor in 1960. Since my father was totally against me working out I stopped competing for 35 years although I continued training. I was 57 years old when I started competing again and won the masters Mr. Windsor in 1995. For the last 20 years I've been personal training others with a 95% success rate. Early on in life I realized that nutrition was probably 80% of a successful program. As well, without ample protein you'll never reach your full potential, to this end I've been eating protein bars since they first arrived on the scene. Over the years at one time or another I've tried every kind of bar that’s come down the pipeline.

Recently a friend of mine introduced me to Daryl's Hi-N-R-G Bars. Daryl's bars taste great, are all natural, and since they are frozen right after being made they are always moist and fresh, not like some bars that have been on the shelf so long that even the peanuts are stale. There’s nothing worse than paying good money for a box of bars just to find out that they’re stale as hell. I recently was on a low carb diet to lose fat and was having trouble going on the throne, but since eating Daryl's bars I've been going like a state trooper because they are very high in fiber. The bars have no preservatives or additives in them which can not be said for most bars. The bars are also an excellent weight loss tool. My wife has replaced chocolate bars with Daryl's bars and without even exercising has dropped 15 pounds in 3 months. She has Type II diabetes and the bars make an excellent meal replacement for her.

As we age our stomach acids are not as potent and we don’t digest and assimilate our food as well as a 21 year old would, because of this we require more protein than a youngster to build muscle. This is one of the major mistakes made by older body builders. I've been eating Daryl’s Bars, which contain 28 grams of protein per bar, for about 4 months and I am in better shape then I've ever been in the last 20 years. I'll be 70 years old in May and I attribute my condition to hard work and the addition of Daryl’s Hi-N-R-G Bars to my diet.

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Liana Saadi

Certified Kinesiologist, Climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro in November 2007.

Climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro has been the biggest challenge of my life so far. I was well prepared with Daryl's Hi-N-R-G Bars. I knew this would be very exhausting on my muscles and proper nutrition would be key in making it to the top. Being able to snack on ½ of these bars every few hours really maintained my energy levels and I never felt tired or ran down even after a long day of uphill trekking. The nutrition that the bars provided really gave me an advantage and helped me reach the peak. I also can credit the bars for allowing my body to recover much quicker from the strain of the climb. It was a great feeling knowing that I was able to maintain balanced nutrition through consumption of Daryl's bars even while climbing the mountain.

As a certified kinesiologist and a nutritionist I really appreciate great natural foods and absolutely love Daryl's bars. They provide balanced macronutrient flow to the working muscles that are easily digested without any preservatives and are very delicious. There are not many products on the market that offer both convenience and nutrition at the same time and Daryl's bars do just that.

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Chris Oliver

Head Coach, University of Windsor Men's Basketball 2006-07 OUA Champions

With the demands of balancing basketball and academic commitments, the Daryl's bars and cereal have been essential in helping our players meet their nutritional needs quickly and effectively. Our players love the taste, the increase in energy, and the quicker recovery time that Daryl's products provide them. There is no question they were a contributing factor in our drive to an OUA championship.

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Jack Bailey

Windsor Firefighter's Combat Team - First, Second and World Record at World Challenge XIII

Daryl's Hi-N-R-G Bars have given us that extra boost of nutrition that we were in search of for so long. The bars aren't only packed with nutritious ingredients, they aid in a balanced diet that helps you focus on being #1. Daryl's bars truly have aided the Windsor Firefighter's Combat Team in being World Champions.

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Sharon O'Leary

Fundraising Coordinator, Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation

Daryl's Hi-N-R-G Bars has been a proud supporter of the "Walk and Ride to Cure Diabetes" and we have always appreciated all their hard work and dedication to the cause of eradicating Juvenile Diabetes.

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Heather Periera

The Running Maniacs

I was introduced to Daryl's Hi-N-R-G Bars three years ago at a conference. For the first time ever, I discovered a protein bar that I could actually read and understand all of the ingredients! Best of all, they taste fantastic, and they keep you full and satisfied after a great workout. I feel it is exactly what your body needs and wants and it is perfect for athletes too, who train hard for results. The Running Maniacs have been sharing and enjoying these bars for the past couple of years. Do we attribute our improvement to Daryl's bars...YES!

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Corby Wright

Owner of MyLittleSupplementShop.com / Durham Regional Police Officer

I got on to Daryl's Hi-N-R-G bars a couple of years ago when a co-worker raved about them. I had just started an online supplement business and could not find a protein bar that seemed to suit what my clients were looking for, or for that matter, what I was looking for, for myself. I was disappointed and disillusioned in the store bought bars that had all the additives and preservatives.

When I saw Daryl's labels, I was very impressed. I brought in the Chocolate Protein bars and they took off. I knew people had to agree with the consensus that they tasted great and were good quality when everyone kept coming back for more. I have since hooked on a couple gyms to these bars and they too keep coming back for more. They are not only good coming out of the freezer, but they taste great being warmed up in the microwave! Daryl's Hi-N-R-G Protein bars are a daily part of my diet.

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Darren Hillman

Windsor Firefighter Combat Challenge - 4th Place Individual - World Challenge XVI, Las Vegas, Nevada.

A big "thank you" to Daryl and staff for your continued support of The Windsor Fire and Rescue Services and the Firefighter Combat Challenge Program.

Your Hi-N-R-G products are just what I was looking for to meet my nutritional needs. My personal favorites are the chocolate protein bars, the chocolate protein cereal and the organic honey.

As a pre-workout boost, or a post-workout meal replacement, they fit perfectly into my training routine. And because our competitions are held across the Continent, I appreciate the ease in which your products can be traveled with.

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Karen Riedel-Gallagher

Owner of Fit 4 Her, Pro Fitness Model, Official FAME Judge

My name is Karen, I am the owner of Fit 4 Her personal training. I'm not only a personal trainer but also a nutritionist, fitness athlete and model. I have been in the industry for over 13 years as a professional and have been an athlete since the day that I could walk!

For the past two years, I have been using and incorporating your awesome nutritional bars into my program as well as all my clients. My favorite time to have a Daryl's bar is following an intense weight and cardio workout. It helps with my recovery, refueling and, of course, it tastes awesome!

I highly recommend your bars to all of my clients; whether they are looking to lose a few pounds or even if they are competitive athletes. The quality and taste are the best on the market. Congratulations on creating such a great tasting and healthy protein bar!

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