Orange Creamsicle



Canadian Maple Walnut


Be the first to try our 2 NEW fantastic Performance Line protein bars: Orange Creamsicle and Canadian Maple Walnut. The authentic taste of our latest bars evoke the fun, refreshing joy of a classic citrus frozen treat, as well as a rich, complex flavour from the Great White North.

And if these aren’t the flavours for you, check out our full lineup of 12 amazing Performance Line protein bars.

Our 100% all natural, gluten free Performance Line protein bars are the best low carb, high protein meal replacement out there. Made with quality ingredients, and loaded with 4 fantastic superfoods—and absolutely no artificial colours, flavours or sweeteners—you can be sure that our bars will give you the clean, balanced nutrition you need to support your active lifestyle.

Finally, a “No Compromise” Protein Bar

We’ve gone even further to ensure that our bars offer superior, balanced, all natural nutrition. Rather than use preservatives, cheap filler ingredients or low quality grains, we’ve chosen to pack our protein bars with high quality, all natural superfoods: chia seedsquinoa flakeshemp hearts and golden flaxseed. These superfoods deliver a level of nourishment well beyond anything offered by traditional protein bars.

Once you try our Performance Line protein bars, you’ll agree that they are the heartiest, healthiest, tastiest and most satisfying protein bars available!

Perfect as a…

  • Pre-Workout Meal
  • Post-Workout Recovery Supplement
  • Low-Carb Meal Replacement
  • All Natural On-The-Go Snack
  • Healthy Gluten Free Snack